private Placement

CGA has a distinguished record in counseling and placement of youngsters into hundreds of elementary and secondary high schools. Knowledge of public school disctricts and independent schools throughout the United States has been acquired by working with families who are relocating or simply looking for alternatives to their present school affiliations.

In each case, the special needs of the child are carefully considered, i.e. where are the best gifted and talented programs, support services for those with learning differences, and environments with strong faculty/student relationships. Schools and programs change. The professional staff at CGA is constantly updating information on schools through personal on-campus visits and in-depth research.

Is your child flourishing in the most appropriate learning environment?

If not, you may want to consider an independent school. Independent schools have the advantages of rigorous academics, a broad variety of extracurricular activities, small classes, individual attention and excellent, accessible teachers. They can reflect and reinforce your family's values and stress your personal educational goals.

In this era of myriad choices and competitive admissions, how do you discover a school where your child can enroll and thrive?

Carol Gill Associates has been successfully advising parents and students for 20 years on school placement for pre-kindergarten through college. Founder and director, Carol Gill is an honors graduate from Harvard University and formerly Associate Director of Admissions at Barnard College and the Director of College Counseling at The Masters School.

Ms. Gill and her associates have first-hand knowledge of day and boarding schools nationwide and abroad, and can help you make appropriate decisions for your child's education. In an often complex and confusing process, CGA clarifies and focuses on the salient issues, bringing parents and students to a satisfying consensus on school choice.

CGA matches student needs and interests with the following school characteristics:

  • Philosophy
  • Academics
  • Special services, including remedial and enrichment
  • College placement record
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Size and composition of student body
  • Facilities and location

The CGA school placement process includes:

  • An in-depth interview with each student and parents to ascertain specific goals
  • A professional analysis of each student's personal and academic record
  • A program of options available to each student
  • Itineraries for school visits
  • Application and essay assistance
  • Mock interviews
  • Advocacy for students with admissions offices
  • Testing information and referrals
  • Financial aid information
  • Follow-up through the first year in school

Let Carol Gill Associates guide you and your child through the independent school application process. Finding the right school pays off immediately and builds crucial lifelong assets -- academic skills and self-confidence. Contact us for more information and an appointment.


Fees vary according to the needs of the individual student. For more information,
email:, or call 914.693.8200.

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