Kudos for Carol

Carol Gill Associates has been successfully advising parents and students for 20 years on school placement for pre-kindergarten through college and graduate school. Founder and director, Carol Gill is an honors graduate from Harvard University and formerly Associate Director of Admissions at Barnard College and the Director of College Counseling at The Masters School.

Although our primary client base is from the Northeast, Carol Gill Associates is also a presence throughout the United States and abroad. We have worked with families from Texas, Iowa, Florida, Colorado, Illinois and California. Outside of the U.S. our clients have been from South Africa, New Guinea, China, Japan, Venezuela, Colombia, Israel, Egypt, Switzerland, France, Poland, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, and Hong Kong.


soup to nuts

“As our son’s educational consultant, first with college and later with graduate school, Carol Gill was one of the best things that happened to him. Her advice was always concise and to the point. Carol is not just another excellent professional, but above all, a deeply caring person.”
Dr. H., Parent of undergraduate and graduate

“Carol Gill's advice to my daughter, a senior at the French International School in Hong Kong, in positioning her admission applications, essays and personal information was key in distinguishing herself from the other applicants. She was accepted to Columbia University. We are very pleased and grateful for Carol’s assistance and recommend her highly to other international students and their parents.”
Robert M., International Parent

“Carol Gill and her staff worked with our son all the way through the arduous college application process, reviewing all essays, resumes, applications, SAT scores, etc. with thoroughness and devotion. His admittance to the college of his choice was due to her help and support. We highly recommend that you make your life less stressful and get Carol Gill Associates on your support team!!”
Laurie D., NYC Parent

“Carol Gill was a tremendous help in the whole process of applying to boarding schools for our son.  She listened to us, provided sound advice, and was there through every step of the process. Our son was admitted to all of the schools he applied to, and she worked with us to pick the right school for him.”
Debbie B., Boarding School Parent

“I was overwhelmed by the process of transferring, but Carol Gill Associates provided a positive atmosphere, and gave me a lot of feedback and target schools. Their personal attention and support made it extremely manageable for me to accomplish my goals. As a transfer student who took a different post-secondary route, I was able to recognize my strengths and use them as a basis to succeed in the application process with Carol Gill’s help.”
Kenny R., Transfer

stress relief

“God bless Carol and everyone at the office since I don’t know what we would have done without your help.”
— Barbara R., parent

“A process that could have been marked by continuous strife was just smooth and all we could ask for.”
— Joan P., Vassar parent

“You definitely made this process go much more smoothly and took a lot of stress off of us.”
Angel S., NYU parent

“Couldn’t have done it without you and your team. Would not like to think where I would be if not for you guys! I am so appreciative.”
Sam S., Syracuse University

making the match

“Morgan got accepted into Ithaca College. I would never have identified this as a target school for him, but it’s a great fit.”
— Jude L., parent

“I’m living the dream!”
—  Hilary L., Colorado College

“Ohio Wesleyan is the best school for him, and it was not on his radar. He would not have known about the school except for Carol Gill Associates.”
— Lisa P., parent

“Thanks a lot for making my college dream come true.”
Jason K., Bard College

“I want to thank you very much for all of your help through the whole annoying application process. You guys really know what you're doing, and I hope you'll continue to help other kids like me get into their place of choice.”
Ezra S., NYU

“Thank you all so much for everything. Bucknell is such a perfect school for me and I would not be here if it wasn’t for all of you.”
— Lauren P., Bucknell University

“Carol Gill does a wonderful job matching students and tutors.  Her tutors are not only knowledgeable but instill the confidence that is so important when taking a standardized test. My son's first SAT score was almost 200 points above his PSAT, and using the method he was taught for the new writing section, he scored 11 out of a possible 12 on the essay.  Nothing beats the one-on-one attention, particularly when seeking admission to a highly competitive school.  The professional services provided by Carol Gill Associates are definitely a worthwhile investment in your child's future.”
Lois V., Tutoring Plus parent

uncovering the voice within

“When I first came into the office, I was thinking of the reasons I would not be a good candidate for medical school.  After my initial meeting at CGA, my attitude changed.  The atmosphere was so positive, and we focused on the reasons I was a strong candidate.  The advisors helped me develop my voice in essays so that schools could understand my academic and personal experiences and how they relate to succeeding in graduate school.  My acceptances have already begun to arrive.  I highly recommend CGA.”
— Katie C., post-graduate

“Carol Gill worked with my four children and the personality of each child came through on their applications. She helped them find their individual voices so that they could put their best foot forward.”
—Maureen Y., parent

what an essay!

My acceptance letter said “We loved your essay and passed it around. It was a pleasure to read, interesting and different.”
— Kat C., Franklin & Marshall College

“ ‘Excellent essay’ written on my acceptance letter. Your help with my college essay was greatly appreciated.”
Allison B., senior

“The Admissions Committee reviews thousands of application essays each year. We come across a myriad of essays that are good; however, only a select few truly stand out among the rest.”
University of Pittsburgh

on a personal note…

“She couldn’t be happier and neither could we. Thank you for taking a personal interest in her. Everyone there has been wonderful. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”
— Sandy A., GW University Parent

“I would never have been able to get the success that I did without your help. It was amazing to be able to get your feedback and help through the entire process. Your belief in me really meant a lot.”
— Midori T., Harvard

“Your advice was invaluable and really helped me get on track to applying to and getting into schools.”
— Jonathan K., University of Chicago

“I got into Delaware! I got in everywhere! Woohoo! I couldn’t have done this without you. You’re the best.”
— Shelby S., University of Maryland

“Thank you guys so much for all your help! Couldn't have done it without you.”
Sara B., University of Connecticut

the colleges weigh in…

“Carol Gill not only graduated from a prestigious college, she also worked in selective college admissions. Now, as an independent counselor, Ms. Gill is respected for knowing how to strategically place a student at the best institution that his or her accomplishments and potential merit.”
— Richard Moll, Executive Director of Admissions for External Relations, Vassar College
Author, Playing the Private College Admissions Game and The Public Ivys (Penguin Books)

“Carol Gill is a consummate professional educational consultant. Her experience in advising high school and college students relative to their educational pursuits is especially broad and diverse and her command of good, current sources of information is a boon for her clients.”
— Millard Storey, Director of Admissions, University of Michigan

“Carol Gill has an incredible background in every level of the college admission process. She brings great common sense and true professionalism to all that she does.”
Michael Behnke, Vice President-Associate Dean of the College for Enrollment, University of Chicago

“Carol Gill is a person of integrity and high professional standards with whom we have enjoyed a fine, long-standing relationship. Her intimate knowledge of both client and college, combined with her concern for the best of all parties involved in this delicate matching process, have earned our confidence and respect.”
— Kent Jones, Dean of Enrollment and College Relations, Skidmore College

“Carol Gill is a professional of the highest order. She is a counselor who not only has experience in the profession, but has established strong and credible relationships with many college and university admissions offices. Her dedication to the families she represents is of the highest caliber and it is a pleasure to work with her.”
— Richard W. Pierson, Dean of Admissions, Clark University